Welcome to Trauma Trekkers :)

WELCOME fellow earthlings!

Let’s get right down to it and have some fun.

The goal of this site is to gather a community of easy-going like-minded folks that are passionate about international travel and living life to the fullest.

A brief comment on the founders. We are a husband-wife duo who are inseparable best friends and love life.

Our day jobs involve being vomited on, yelled at by 6’5″ thugs, and sometimes even swung at… No, we are not security guards if you are wondering.

We are ER Doctors by training, international adventurers at heart, and love medical improvisation (ie: How am I going to stop this bleeding vessel while perched on the side of a road in rural Kazakhastan during a rain storm with nothing but a carton of chewing gum and a paperclip).

The plan is for weekly (maybe more or maybe less) posts on a whole variety of topics ranging from back-country medical topics, international trip reports, guest blog writers (we’ve got an awesome commercial pilot & entrepreneur/dentist lined up), and product reviews.

So, stay tuned for all that is coming!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Trauma Trekkers :)”

  1. I am very excited to read more about your adventures! (Don’t tell my boss that I’m doing it at work haha) Life is too short not to get out there and experience everything we can.

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